Laura Bisgaard Krogh

“A Question of Honour” Wins first prize in Danish Picture of the Year 2019

This friday “A Question of Honour” made by Andreas Haubjerg, Mikkel Thuesen and Laura Bisgaard Krogh was awarded first prize in the category Portrait series of the Year at The Danish Picture of the Year

“This year’s winner is something as special as a face, we can not see”, says award giver, Sisse Stroyer. 

The judges wrote: 

“The photographers have been interested in these people, that you can feel in the pictures and you read it in the captions. It’s a hard subject, because due to the nature of things, we can’t meet these people face to face. But Laura Bisgaard Krogh and Andreas Haubjerg chose the exact right balance between melancholy and poetry, that gives us very emotional pictures - and respect of the photographed, so that they don’t come across as victims. Respect is all things considered the keyword, the judges thought. The pictures don’t manipulate our feelings, because the photographers have had the courage to be present and feel these people, and that passes through to us. Here you acknowledge and see a group of people, whose identity you at the same time have to hide. So even though the pictures are anonymous, we still feel them a lot, because they are not “photographed”, but felt. It is a life behind closed doors, but an important story to tell, and the photographers do so in the best possible way. And it is the photographer’s finest assignment to show us the place, where we would never come.”

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