Laura Bisgaard Krogh

Too close to home, 2021

The last rays of the late summer’s satiated sun throw long shadows over the courtyard at the girls home, where a group of teenage girls sit in plastic garden furniture. The girls light their cigarettes. They are a small percentage of the 14.000 at risk young people that have been placed in residencies around Denmark. The key figures from 2020 show that when it comes to mental vulnerability especially the girls are at risk. The residencies are home to girls who are in need of protection, guidance and whose parents can no longer take care of them. The at-risk girls come from different backgrounds, but have one thing in common: They have lived through a childhood filled with changing placements at different homes. At the residences the girls struggle with self harm and anxious thoughts. They find support in each other as they navigate the twisted roads of their youth.


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