“There is too much to see, so I can’t be here my whole life. I want to travel, and achieve my goals. I want to be a strong woman. I want to love and be loved, but keep my personal freedom. I’m afraid of disappointing my family. They see a lot of potential in me. I’m afraid of not becoming the person they want me to be. They want me to be more confident. I am a bit pessimistic, I don’t know if it is just my nature. Sometimes I just see all black. And I don’t know why.” - Erika Borelli

They are leaving childhood, but are not yet adults, a time permeated with change. Girls, trying to grow into their skin. ’Fioritura’ explores the lives of ten young women who live in the south of Italy, in Matera

This is Daiana, Carla, Erika, Angela, Angela, Angelica, Angelica, Rossana, Liliana, Agnese and Antonella

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